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    Check Out Continue Shopping is owned and operated by 9309-8184 Quebec Inc and 100% Canadian! We were born and bred in Montreal. The founders have also been key players in the Lingerie and Sex Toy industries for over 20 years. Customers frequently asked for a site where they can find specialty shoes that were only previously available in the US. So we built one for Canadians.

    We carry the finest in Alternative footwear from the most reputable brands.

    Shoes are like magic: They can turn a plain outfit into a masterpiece. They can change sweet into sexy and quiet into loud. They can transform a dark corner into center stage. To keep up with this magical effect, promises you two things:

    1)   We promise to find and carry the largest selection of alternative shoes and boots in Canada. We only carry the highest quality brands that continue to push design and style to higher levels.

    2)   Our selection will bring your shoe game up to ten notches above incredible because we just don’t do ordinary.

    When you shop at we want you to walk away with more than just shoes: we want you to have the power to be who you want to be whenever and however you want to. Want to feel sexy? Then be sexy. Want to rock 10” platforms to your high school reunion? Then rock them. The world is your paradise and if you’re planning on leaving a footprint behind, you better make sure it’s one people will remember you by.

    It doesn’t matter who you are or what you do because this ground was made for you, so strut your stuff in shoes that will make you feel sky high.

    Like we said, it’s magic. Shoe Freaks Unite!

    To all of our loyal customers - Thank you and happy shopping!