A true shoefreak knows...


Serving you rebellious
realness since 2014, ShoeFreaks
is footwear for the NONCONFORMIST.
Proudly based in the NOTORIOUSLY sinful
city of Montreal, Canada.

your style
your rules

From platforms to pinup
& creepers to combat boots, ShoeFreaks is where pole prodigies, ghoulish goths and festival fairies come to play. Jump into a
pair of unique, stylish shoes that Make your personality shine. Step out of your house and into the world in boots that turn heads, and heels you just KNOW everyone will be whispering about when
you leave the room.

Be bold.
Be daring.
Be authentic.

Plan your outfits from the ground up and wear your mood on your feet.

No matter what the occasion, we have a
stand-out shoe to match.

Shop ShoeFreaks.ca, and leave a memorable footprint behind!

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