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    Make money by promoting our brand!

    Share your love for ShoeFreaks to your followers, friends & family - and CASH IN! With our affiliate program, you make 10% of each sale that is made through your affiliate link!

    How does it work? When you register for the program, we provide you a unique link to our online store that links back to you. Post that link to social media, or give it to anyone that asks where you got your seriously dope shoes! When that person goes through your link and buys before exiting the site, we'll award you 10% of that sale! Easy as pie. (mmmm... pie...)

    How should I promote this? Some people share it directly on their social profiles or on stories with a swipe up option. Others have it set up on a linktree account, so the link can be accessed at any time! The best way to promote is to show off by posting a picture of yourself in your awesome shoes, and invite people to visit the site via your link!

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